Lens Modes

The lens mode determines which lens or lenses the camera uses while shooting video, and the size of the field of view.

Select Right arrow > Lens Mode.


Records spherical 360-degree video using both lenses. The camera automatically stitches video from the two lenses into one 360-degree video file. The camera captures 360-degree video at 4K resolution. When you select 360 mode, you should select a stitching distance.

Front Only, Rear Only

Records rectangular 16:9 video using one lens. Up arrow or Down arrow points to the active lens. The camera captures 16:9 video at 1080p resolution.


Records separate 200-degree hemispherical video files from each lens, with a combined resolution of up to 5.7K. You can edit or share the video from each lens separately, or you can stitch both video files into a complete video sphere using video editing software.

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