Using the inReach Remote

The inReach® remote function allows you to control a compatible inReach device using your Montana® 700 device.

  1. Turn on the inReach device.
  2. On your Montana 700 device, select inReach Remote.
    NOTE: You may need to add this application to the main menu before you can select it (Customizing the Main Menu).
  3. If necessary, select Yes.
  4. Wait while the Montana 700 device connects to your inReach device.
  5. Select an option:
    • To send a preset message, select Send Preset, and select a message from the list.

    • To send a text message, select New Message, select the message contacts, and enter the message text or select a quick text option.

    • To send an SOS message, select SOS > Yes.

      NOTE: You should only use the SOS function in a real emergency situation.
    • To view the timer and distance traveled, select Tracking.

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November 2023