Golf Settings

From the watch face, hold the button and select Golf Settings to customize golf settings and features.


Enables scoring.

Stat Tracking

Enables detailed statistics tracking while playing golf.

Club Prompt

Displays a prompt that enables you to enter which club you used after each detected shot.

Scoring Method

Sets the scoring method to stroke play or Stableford scoring.

Handicap Scoring

Enables handicap scoring. The Local Handicap option allows you to enter the number of strokes to be subtracted from your total score. The Index/Slope option allows you to enter your handicap and the course slope rating so that the device can calculate your course handicap. When you enable either handicap scoring option, you can adjust your handicap value.

Driver Distance

Sets the average distance the ball travels on your drive.

Big Numbers

Changes the size of the numbers on the hole view screen.

Club Sensors

Allows you to set up your Approach® CT10 club sensors.

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