System Settings

From the watch face, hold the button and select Settings to customize device settings and features.

Auto Lock

Allows you to lock the touchscreen automatically to prevent accidental touches. Use the During Activity option to lock the touchscreen during a timed activity or round of golf. Use the Not During Activity option to lock the touchscreen in watch mode.


Allows you to enable the backlight and adjust the backlight settings (Backlight Settings).

Activity Tracking

Allows you to enable activity tracking, move alerts, and goal alerts (Activity Tracking).

Manage Widgets

Allows you to enable preloaded widgets (Customizing the Widget Loop).

User Profile

Sets the user profile for gender, birth year, height, and weight. You can also set which wrist your watch is worn on. The gender setting is used for gender-specific course ratings for select tees when calculating handicaps, and for gender-specific par values (where available) (Setting Up Your User Profile).


Sets the text language on the device.


Adjusts the time settings (Time Settings).


Sets the units of measurement for activity distance, golf distance, pace/speed, elevation, weight, height, and temperature.


Allows you to reset the device to restore all default settings, or to remove all saved user data and reset all settings on the device (Restoring All Default Settings).


Displays device information, such as the unit ID, software version, regulatory information, and license agreement (Viewing E-label Regulatory and Compliance Information).

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