Golf Menu

During a round, you can press the button to access additional features in the golf menu.

Move Flag

Allows you to move the pin location to get a more precise distance measurement (Viewing the Green). Appears when big numbers mode is enabled.

Hazards and Layups

Shows the hazards and layups for the current hole (Viewing Hazards, Layups, and Doglegs). Appears when big numbers mode is enabled.

Change Hole

Allows you to manually change the hole (Changing Holes).

Change Green

Allows you to change the green when more than one green is available for a hole (Changing the Green).


Opens the scorecard for the round (Keeping Score).

Round Info

Shows your score, statistics, and step information (Viewing Round Information).

Last Shot

Shows the distance of your previous shot recorded with the Garmin AutoShot™ feature (Viewing Shot History). You can also manually record a shot (Adding a Shot Manually).

Club Stats

Shows your statistics with each club (Viewing Club Statistics). Appears when you pair Approach® CT10 sensors or enable the Club Prompt setting.

Save Location

Allows you to save a location, such as an object or obstacle, for the current hole (Saving a Location).

Sunrise & Sunset

Shows the sunrise, sunset, and twilight times for the current day.

End Round

Ends the current round (Ending a Round).

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