Recording a Swim Activity

NOTE: Heart rate is not available while swimming.
  1. Press Device menu symbol to view the menu.
  2. Select Activity menu symbol > Swimmer symbol.
  3. Select your Skill Level.
  4. Select a Pool Size.
  5. Double-tap the touchscreen to start the activity timer.

    The device records activity data only while the activity timer is running.

  6. Start your activity.

    The device automatically records swim intervals, or pool lengths, displaying them at the top of the touchscreen.

  7. After you complete your activity, double-tap the touchscreen to stop the timer.
  8. If necessary, select Edit symbol to edit the number of lengths.
  9. Press Device menu symbol.
  10. Select an option:
    • Select Edit symbol to edit the number of lengths.

    • Select Save symbol to save the activity.

    • Select Delete symbol to delete the activity.

    • Select Resume symbol to resume the activity.

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