Starting a Toe-to-Toe Challenge

You can start a 2-minute, Toe-to-Toe™ challenge with a friend who has a compatible device.

  1. Press Device menu symbol to view the menu.
  2. Select Activity menu symbol > Toe-to-toe challenge symbol to challenge another player in range (3 m).
    NOTE: Both players must start a challenge on their device.

    If the device cannot find any players within 30 seconds, the challenge times out.

  3. Tap the player's name.
  4. Double-tap the touchscreen to start the activity timer.

    The device counts down for 3 seconds before the timer starts.

  5. Get steps for 2 minutes.

    When 3 seconds remain, the device buzzes until the time expires.

  6. Bring the devices in range (3 m).

    The devices display the steps for each player and first or second place.

Players can tap Checkmark symbol to start another challenge or exit the menu.

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