About VO2 Max. Estimates

VO2 max. is the maximum volume of oxygen (in milliliters) you can consume per minute per kilogram of body weight at your maximum performance. In simple terms, VO2 max. is an indication of athletic performance and should increase as your level of fitness improves.

On the device, your VO2 max. estimate appears as a number and description. On your Garmin Connect™ account, you can view additional details about your VO2 max. estimate, including your fitness age. Your fitness age gives you an idea of how your fitness compares with a person of the same gender and different age. As you exercise, your fitness age can decrease over time.

VO2 max. data is provided by Firstbeat Analytics™. VO2 max. analysis is provided with permission from The Cooper Institute®. For more information, see the appendix (VO2 Max. Standard Ratings), and go to www.CooperInstitute.org.

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