Pairing the Remote with Your Varia Device

The first time you connect the Varia™ remote to your Varia device, you must pair the remote with your device.

  1. Bring the remote within 1 m (3 ft.) of the device.
    NOTE: You must stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other sensors with ANT‍+® technology while pairing.
  2. While the headlight is turned off, hold the Varia device button for two seconds to enter pairing mode.

    The status LED flashes purple.

  3. On the Varia remote, hold two buttons simultaneously until the status LED starts alternating green and red, and release the buttons.

    The remote searches for your Varia device. After the remote pairs successfully, the status LED flashes green 12 times.

After the remote is paired, it connects to your device whenever the device is in range and turned on in smart mode. You may need to wake the remote by selecting any button.

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July 2024