Light Network Settings

From your Edge® device, select Setup symbol > Sensors > Lights, and select a paired light.


Turns on the light and allows you to control the light remotely with your Edge device. You can disable a light to disconnect it from the light network.

Motion Activated

Automatically turns on the light when the Edge device is in motion.

Auto Deceleration

Automatically adjusts the taillight intensity and pattern when decelerating sharply.

NOTE: This setting appears when a taillight is paired with the device.
NOTE: Taillight medium and flash modes are available on the Varia™ TL 300 device only.
Light Mode

Sets the light intensity and pattern mode, or turns off the light.

NOTE: This setting is available when the Individual light mode setting is selected (Light Mode Settings).

Displays device, software, and battery information.


Allows you to delete a paired light from the network.

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