Customizing Varia Device Settings with Your Edge 1000

Before you can customize Varia™ device settings with your Edge® device, you must pair the devices (Pairing Varia Bike Lights with Your Edge 1000).

  1. From your Edge device, select Setup symbol > Sensors > Lights.
  2. Select an option:
    • Select Enable to enable the light network.

    • Select Network Options > Light Mode to set the light intensity mode for all lights in your network (Light Mode Settings).

    • Select Network Options > Test Lights to check that each light in your network is set up correctly (Testing the Light Network).

    • Select Network Options > Beam Angle to adjust the headlight beam angle automatically based on the rate of speed. Higher beam angles are used at high speeds, and lower beam angles are used at low speeds.

      NOTE: This setting appears when a headlight is paired with the device.
    • Select Network Options > Turn Signal Setup to configure turn signals when using two taillights (Turn Signal Settings).

      NOTE: This setting appears when two taillights are paired with the device. The turn signal feature is available on the Varia TL 300 only.
    • Select a light to view device information and customize each light in your network (Light Network Settings).

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