Garmin ClearVü Sonar View

NOTE: To receive Garmin ClearVü™ scanning sonar, you need a compatible transducer.

Garmin ClearVü™ high-frequency sonar provides a detailed picture of the fishing environment around the boat in a detailed representation of structures the boat is passing over.

ClearVü sonar view with callouts

Callout number one

Bottom depth

Callout number two

Water temperature

Callout number three

GPS speed

Callout number four

Device voltage

Callout number five


Callout number six

Suspended targets (fish)

Callout number seven

Depth line

Callout number eight

Transducer type and frequency, and zoom type

Callout number nine

Depth indicator as the sonar data screen scrolls from right to left

Callout number ten

Bottom echo

Traditional transducers emit a conical beam. The Garmin ClearVü™ scanning sonar technology emits two narrow beams, similar to the shape of the beam in a copying machine. These beams provide a clearer, picture-like image of what is around the boat.

ClearVü transducer beam diagram
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