Sonar Noise Rejection Settings

From a sonar view, select Menu > Sonar Setup > Noise Reject.


Adjusts the sensitivity to reduce the effects of interference from nearby sources of noise.

Noise rejection with callouts

When you adjust the interference setting from off Callout number one through low Callout number two, medium Callout number three, and high Callout number four, noise is gradually removed, but there is little effect on the strong target returns. You should use the lowest interference setting that achieves the desired improvement to remove interference from the screen. Correcting installation issues that cause noise is the best way to eliminate interference.

Surface Noise

Hides sonar returns near the surface of the water. Hiding surface noise helps reduce screen clutter.

Noise rejection with callouts

Surface noise Callout number one is caused by interference between the transducer and water. You can hide surface noise Callout number two to help reduce clutter. Wider beam widths (lower frequencies) can show more targets, but can generate more surface noise.


Reduces surface noise.

This control is best used for situations when you want to control and suppress clutter or noise near the water surface. It also allows for the display of targets near the surface that are otherwise hidden or masked by surface noise.

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