Yamaha Engine Gauges

Select A/V, Gauges, Controls > YAMAHA to view the Yamaha® engine gauges. This screen varies based on the engine network and throttle controller.

Engine gauges screen with callouts

Callout number one

Data fields

Hold to replace the data.

Callout number two

Current time

Hold to view trip data.

Callout number three

Press to set the joystick button Set Point functions (Helm Master®).

Callout number four

Tank level information

Hold a tank to view detailed tank level sensor information.

Callout number five

GPS signal strength

Select to set the Fish Point high RPM limit (Helm Master).

Select to set the trolling speed (Command Link Plus®).

Callout number six

Data fields

Hold to replace the data.

Callout number seven

Shift position

Callout number eight

Tachometer and trim angle

Hold to change the background.

Callout number nine

Engine information

Hold to replace the data and change the gauge appearance.

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