Starting a GroupTrack Session

Before you can start a GroupTrack session, you must have a Garmin Connect™ account, a compatible smartphone, and the Garmin Connect app.

These instructions are for starting a GroupTrack session with fēnix® devices. If your connections have other compatible devices, you can see them on the map. The other devices may not be able to display GroupTrack riders on the map.

  1. Go outside, and turn on the fēnix device.
  2. Pair your smartphone with the fēnix device (Pairing Your Smartphone).
  3. On the fēnix device, hold MENU, and select Safety & Tracking > GroupTrack > Show on Map to enable viewing connections on the map screen.
  4. In the Garmin Connect app, from the settings menu, select Safety & Tracking > LiveTrack > Menu > Settings > GroupTrack.
  5. Select All Connections.
  6. Select Start LiveTrack.
  7. On the fēnix device, start an activity.
  8. Scroll to the map to view your connections.
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