Syncing Data Using Your Smartphone

After making changes to your account, you can sync them to your device using the mobile app.

  1. From the Plans & Devices tab, select Sync.

    The Sync panel provides a link to the appropriate mobile app.

    • inReach Explorer®, inReach SE®, and inReach® Mini devices sync user data such as waypoints, routes, and tracks using the Earthmate® app.

      NOTE: You must use the inReach Sync application to sync other changes, such as preset messages and quick text messages.
    • Other Garmin® devices, including the GPSMAP® 66i and newer devices with inReach technology, sync user data such as contacts, preset messages, and quick text messages using the Garmin Explore™ app.

  2. Install the mobile app on your smartphone, and pair it with your device.

    See the owner's manual for your device for more information about pairing the device with the mobile app.

The mobile app syncs data to your device automatically while the device is paired and connected with your smartphone.

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