MapShare Settings

You can configure your MapShare™ web page to meet your needs, including setting a password, enabling viewer controls, and showing waypoints.

Name & Description

Allows you to provide a name and short description for your trip. You can describe the specific activity you are about to embark upon, giving viewers some context.


Sets a password to restrict access. The password is included automatically when you use the share feature from the website or from the device and mobile app. You can remove public access after a trip is over.

Allow map viewers to send you messages

Allows you to receive messages sent from map viewers when visiting your MapShare web page. Restricting use of this feature prevents viewers from impacting your monthly subscription plan.

Allow map viewers to locate you

Allows map viewers to request your location, even if you aren't otherwise sharing your location.

Show waypoints created in the field on MapShare

Allows you to show waypoints created on a device in the field on your MapShare web page.

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