The map tab is for viewing your messages on a map of the world. You can see all of the places you have visited.

The map includes these features.

  • Your library of waypoints, routes, tracks, and activities (Library)

  • A list of collections (Collections)

  • Topographic, aerial, and road maps with controls to change between them (Map Types)

  • Zoom controls with a mouse or trackpad (Zooming the Map)

  • Controls to add new waypoints and routes (Waypoints, Routes)

  • A measuring tool (Measuring Distance on the Map)

  • Options to export the map as a .kml or .gpx file (Exporting Map Data)

  • Tools to import courses, .gpx, .kml, or .kmz files (Importing Map Data)

  • Controls to select additional maps for your device (Map Availability)

  • Your most recent location, marked by an arrow with your name next to it

  • Your other locations, including messages and tracking points

  • Lines connecting your points to show when you were tracking

  • A scale bar

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