Home Tee Hero Mode

The Home Tee Hero mode allows you to play a virtual round of golf at a course rendered with 3D technology. There are over 42,000 courses available.

Screenshot of Home Tee Hero mode with callouts

Callout number one

Displays the distance to the hole.

Callout number two

Displays the distance to the shot target.

Callout number three

Displays the elevation difference between the location of the ball and the shot target.

Callout number four

Displays the wind speed and direction.

Callout number five

Displays the shot target.
TIP: You can move the shot target by dragging it to the desired location on the course.

Callout number six

Select to open the menu.

Callout number seven

Displays the current hole number.

Callout number eight

Displays the par for the current hole.

Callout number nine

Select to toggle to an overhead camera view.

Callout number ten

Displays the scorecard for the current player.

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