Installing the Magnetic Tripod Mount


Both the device and its mount may contain magnets. Under certain circumstances, magnets may cause interference with some internal medical devices, including pacemakers and insulin pumps. Devices and mounts that contain magnets should be kept away from such medical devices.


The mount contains a magnet. Under certain circumstances, magnets may cause damage to some electronic devices, including hard drives in laptop computers. Use caution when the mount is near electronic devices.

  1. Ensure the tripod mount is free of any debris.
  2. Insert the top of the tripod mount into the back of the device.

    The tripod mount is magnetic and holds the device in place.

    NOTE: The tripod mount can only be installed one way. If it is not fully seated in the back of the device, you have installed it using the wrong orientation.

    Diagram of the tripod mount being installed
  3. Open the tripod legs so they are fully extended.

    Close-up view of the device mounted
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