System Settings

From the home page, press OK to open the main menu. Select Settings > System.


Sets the backlight brightness and the length of time before the backlight turns off.

Compass Cal.

Allows you to calibrate the compass (Calibrating the Compass).


Sets the time format and time zone (Time Settings).


Sets the position format and units of measure for the device (Units Settings).


Allows you to change the GPS setting. The GPS Only option enables the GPS satellite system. The Multi-GNSS option enables multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

NOTE: Using multiple GNSS systems offers increased performance in challenging environments and faster position acquisition than using GPS only. However, using multiple GNSS systems can reduce battery life more quickly than using GPS only.

Sets the text language on the device.

NOTE: Changing the text language does not change the language of user-entered data or map data.
Keyboard Language

Sets the keyboard language on the device.

Owner Info

Allows you to add owner information, such as your name. The information appears on the home page.

USB Mode

Sets the device to use mass storage mode or Garmin® mode when connected to a computer.

External Power

Automatically turns off the device when it is disconnected from external power.


Allows you to take a picture of the device screen.

Reset Device

Allows you to reset user data and settings (Resetting All Default Settings)

Software Update

Allows you to install software updates downloaded to your device.


Displays the IMEI number, authorization code, software, license, and regulatory information.

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November 2023