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Updates & Downloads

Surround View Camera System GPSMAP Series software version 2023.1113.0

as of November 13, 2023

Download (9.00 GB)

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Change History

Changes made from version 2023.1011.0 to 2023.1113.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0725.0 to 2023.1011.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0719.0 to 2023.0725.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0630.0 to 2023.0719.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0406.0 to 2023.0630.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0208.0 to 2023.0406.0:

Changes made from version 2023.0106.4 to 2023.0208.0:

Changes made from version 2022.1102.0 to 2023.0106.4:

Changes made from version 2022.0926.0 to 2022.1102.0:

Changes made from version 2022.0722.0 to 2022.0926.0:

Changes made from version 2022.0622.0 to 2022.0721.0:

Changes made from version 2022.0520.1 to 2022.0622.0:

Changes made from version 2022.0426.0 to 2022.0520.1:

Changes made from version 2022.0407.0 to 2022.0426.0:

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on 'Download' and choose to save the file to your computer. Select an easy place to find the file, such as the 'My Documents', 'Downloads', or 'Desktop'.
  2. Once the download is complete, double-click to open the zip file from the location it was downloaded to.
  3. On a Windows PC, double-click to open the zip file and view the Garmin folder. MAC Computers will automatically unzip the download and present the Garmin folder.
  4. After inserting a microSD card into the card slot of your computer, click and drag the Garmin folder to drop it onto the drive representing the card. The Garmin folder should be the only item on the SD card.
  5. Power on the device and make sure all attached network devices are powered on as well.
  6. Insert the card into the card slot of your primary device. If you do not have a primary device with a card slot, please see your dealer for assistance.
  7. Choose the appropriate Update option from the on-screen prompt.
  8. After the update completes, all Garmin Marine Network devices and NMEA 2000 sensors will have the latest software. This ensures all of the devices will be able to communicate with each other.

    Note: If you have additional chartplotters connected to NMEA 2000 and not the Garmin Marine Network, you will have to independently update each chartplotter. After the update of the Garmin Marine Network completes, insert the update card into each NMEA 2000 chartplotter.

    Note: It is not uncommon for an update to take 20+ minutes to complete, especially on larger networks.

    If needed, additional assistance with the update process can be found in our support FAQ Garmin Marine Device Software Updates.