Device Settings on Your Garmin Connect Account

From your Garmin Connect™ account, select Device Settings.


Sets an alarm clock time and frequency for your device.

Visible Screens

Allows you to customize the screens that appear on your device.

Default Screen

Sets the home screen that appears after a period of inactivity and when you turn on your device.

Auto Backlight
Allows your device to automatically turn on the backlight when you rotate your wrist toward your body. You can customize your device to use this feature at any time, or only during a timed activity.
NOTE: This setting decreases battery life.
Activity Tracking

Turns activity tracking features on and off, such as the move alert, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and Move IQ events.

Wrist Worn On

Allows you to customize which wrist the band is worn on. You should customize this setting for screen orientation, and when using the automatic backlight feature.

Screen Orientation

Sets the device to display data in landscape or portrait format.

Time Format

Sets the device to display time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format.


Sets the device language.


Sets the device to display the distance traveled in kilometers or miles.


Sets the device to display your pace or speed during a timed activity (vívosmart® HR‍+ device only).

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