Activity Tracking and Features

Some features require a paired smartphone.

Time and date

Displays the current time and date. The time and date are set automatically when the device acquires satellite signals (vívosmart® HR‍+ device only) and when you sync your device with a smartphone.

Activity tracking

Tracks your daily step count, floors climbed, distance traveled, calories, and intensity minutes. The move bar displays the amount of time you are inactive.


Displays your progress toward your activity goals. The device learns and proposes a new step goal for you each day. You can customize goals for daily steps, daily floors climbed, and weekly intensity minutes using your Garmin Connect™ account.

Heart rate

Displays your current heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) and seven-day average resting heart rate. You can tap the screen to view a graph of your heart rate.


Alerts you to notifications from your smartphone, including calls, texts, social network updates, and more, based on your smartphone notification settings.

Music controls

Provides controls for the music player on your smartphone.

VIRB® remote

Provides remote controls for a paired VIRB action camera (sold separately).


Displays the current temperature. You can tap the screen to view a four-day weather forecast.

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