Connecting an OBD-II Device

Your VIRB® camera can pair with a compatible Bluetooth® ELM327 on-board diagnostics (ODB-II) device to record automotive data from your OBD-II compliant vehicle.

NOTE: Different vehicles provide different data. Not all vehicles and OBD-II devices are compatible with the camera.
  1. Install your ELM327 compatible OBD-II device in the OBD-II port of your vehicle.
    TIP: See the owner's manual for your vehicle and your OBD-II device for information about locating the OBD-II port and installing the OBD-II device.
  2. If necessary, enable pairing mode on your OBD-II device.
    TIP: See the owner's manual for your OBD-II device to enable pairing mode.
  3. From the VIRB camera main menu, select Wireless > Bluetooth > Status to turn on Bluetooth wireless technology.
  4. Select Add New.
  5. Select the OBD-II device to pair.
    TIP: If your OBD-II device does not appear in the list, confirm that it is still in pairing mode and search again.

    After the OBD-II device is paired, the device status changes to Connected.

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