Using the Hailer

Before you can use the hailer function, you must provide and install a hailer horn on your boat deck or tower (optional). For more information, see the Installation Instructions.

The hailer allows you to make on-boat or ship-to-shore announcements, and allows two-way communications between connected radios. You can address the ship using the radio or handset, and sounds received through the horn can be heard through the radio speaker. For vessels with enclosed cabins, the hailer allows you to hear sounds from the deck.

NOTE: Hailer functionality is not available on all VHF radio models.
NOTE: When the radio is in hailer mode, it does not receive broadcasts from the currently active channel.
  1. Select PA > HAILER.

    Sounds received through the horn are heard through the radio speaker.

  2. Hold PTT.
  3. Select an option:
    • To make an announcement, speak into the handset.

    • To adjust the volume of the hailer broadcast, turn the SELECT dial on the radio, or select Up arrow or Down arrow on the handset.

  4. Release PTT to stop broadcasting and listen for broadcasts from other connected radios on the ship.
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September 2023