Sending an Undesignated Distress Call

When you send an undesignated distress call, the nature of your emergency is not transmitted to the receiving stations. Sending an undesignated distress call is a faster procedure that can save you time during an emergency.

  1. Lift the spring-loaded door, and hold DISTRESS for at least 3 seconds.

    The radio beeps and counts down the seconds. DISTRESS CALL COUNTING DOWN appears on the screen.

    The radio sounds an alarm, switches to channel 70, and transmits your call on high (25 W) power.

  2. Press any key to silence the alarm sound.

    The radio tunes to channel 16 on high (25 W) power.

  3. Hold PTT on the handset or radio to relay your distress message.

    The radio waits for an acknowledgment (ACK) on channel 70 from a listening station.

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September 2023