Digital Selective Calling

NOTE: Before you can use DSC capabilities, you must enter a Mobile Marine Safety Identity (MMSI) number (Entering Your MMSI Number). An MMSI number identifies each DSC radio, like a telephone number.

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a key component of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). DSC enables VHF radios to place and receive digital calls directly with other vessels and shore stations, including the USA and Canadian Coast Guards. Your radio includes full Class-D DSC capabilities.

If you have a GPS device connected to the transceiver, your latitude, longitude, and the current time are transmitted when you send a distress call or other type of DSC call. If you enter your position information manually, your latitude, longitude, and time of entry are transmitted with the call. Transmitting your location automatically speeds help in an emergency situation.

Channel 70 is reserved exclusively for DSC calls, and your device uses a dedicated receiver to maintain a constant watch on Channel 70. You do not need to change the channel to make a DSC call. Your device changes to Channel 70 automatically to transmit a DSC call. Your radio sends the DSC data over Channel 70 in less than one second, and then tunes to an appropriate channel for voice communications.

Call symbol appears on the device screen when you have an incoming or missed DSC call.

NOTE: The device disables DSC automatically when you turn on ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System).
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