Radio Overview

Figure 1. VHF 110/115

VHF 210 and 215 device front with callouts
Figure 2. VHF 210/215

VHF 110 and 115 device front with callouts




Callout number 1


Lift the door and press to send a DSC distress call with a programmed MMSI number (Entering Your MMSI Number).

Callout number 2


Press the dial to switch between volume or squelch.

Rotate the dial to adjust the volume or squelch level.

Callout number 3

Softkey button

Select the key that corresponds to the on-screen item to select the item.

Callout number 4


On the home screen, rotate the dial to change the channel.

On the home screen, press the dial to toggle weather channels (NOAA Weather Broadcasts and Alerts).

Rotate the dial to highlight an item in a list.

Press the dial to select an item.


North America: 16/9

International: 16+

Hold to turn the radio on and off.

Press to toggle between preset channels.


Select to view a menu of DSC options.


Select to change the transmission mode and receiving sensitivity.


Select to return to the previous menu option.

Select to cancel or mute an incoming DSC call.


From the home screen, select to view configuration options.

From a menu, select to return to the home screen.

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September 2023