Scanning All Channels

When you scan channels, the radio searches for channels that are broadcasting. When a channel is broadcasting, the radio pauses on that channel until the broadcast stops. After four seconds of inactivity on a channel, the radio resumes scanning.

NOTE: When you turn on ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System), the radio does not scan or save channels.
  1. Select SCAN > ALL.
  2. Select an option:
    • To exclude the currently active channel from subsequent passes and resume scanning, select SKIP.

    • To scan channel 16 each time another channel is scanned, select +CH16.

      For example, the radio scans channel 21, channel 16, channel 22, channel 16, and so on.

      +CH16 appears on the device screen.

    • To scan channel 16 in its usual order, select -CH16.

      For example, the radio scans channel 14, channel 15, channel 16, channel 17, and so on.

    • To end the scan, select EXIT.

      The radio stops scanning and tunes to the last used, active channel.

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September 2023