Going for a Run

The device comes partially charged. You may need to charge the device (Charging the Device) before going for a run.

  1. Hold to turn on the device.
  2. From the time of day screen, select twice to unlock the device.
  3. Go outside, and wait while the device locates satellites.

    It may take a few minutes to locate satellite signals. The satellite bars turn green, and the timer screen appears.

    Activity timer with run data
  4. Select to start the timer.
  5. Go for a run.
  6. Select to view the heart rate screen.

    Heart rate data
  7. After you complete your run, select to stop the timer.
  8. Select an option:
    • Select Resume to restart the timer.

    • Select Save to save the run and reset the timer. A summary appears.

      Run summary data
      NOTE: You can upload your run to Garmin Connect™.
    • Select Discard to delete the run.

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