Turning Incident Detection On and Off

Before you can enable incident detection on your device, you must set up emergency contacts in the Garmin Connect™ app (Adding Emergency Contacts). Your paired smartphone must be equipped with a data plan and be in an area of network coverage where data is available. Your emergency contacts must be able to receive emails or text messages (standard text messaging rates may apply).

  1. From the watch face, hold Letter B symbol.
  2. Select Settings symbol > Safety & Tracking > Incident Detection.
  3. Select an activity.
    NOTE: Incident detection is available only for outdoor walk, run, and bike activities.

When an incident is detected by your Venu™ device with GPS enabled, the Garmin Connect app can send an automated text message and email with your name and GPS location to your emergency contacts. A message appears indicating your contacts will be informed after 30 seconds have elapsed. You can select Cancel before the countdown is complete to cancel the message.

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