Replacing the Batteries

The device uses two SR43 batteries. When the battery power is low, a low battery alert appears on your Garmin Connect™ account after you sync. Replacing the batteries does not erase your data or settings.
NOTE: 301 and 386 batteries are equivalent to SR43 batteries.
  1. Remove the device from the band.

    Device being removed from the band
  2. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws on the front of the device.
  3. Remove the front cover and batteries.

    Exploded view of the device and the batteries
  4. Insert the new batteries with the negative side facing the inside of the front cover.
  5. Verify the gasket is not damaged and is fully seated in the rear case.

    The gasket tabs must be aligned with the proper notches in the battery case. Damage to the gasket can prevent the gasket from sealing properly.

  6. Replace the front cover and the four screws.
  7. Tighten the four screws equally and firmly.
  8. Insert the device into the band, and stretch the band material around the device.

    The mark on the device must align with the mark inside the band.

    Device and band alignment