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Allows you to share and view details about the tracks you travel.


Allows you to initiate an SOS rescue.


Allows you to send a preset or text message using the Iridium® satellite network.

inReach Utilities

Allows you to view details about your inReach® subscription, check mail, and test the device (inReach Features).

inReach Weather

Allows you to request basic, premium, or marine weather forecasts using your inReach subscription (Requesting an inReach Weather Forecast).

Recording Controls

Allows you to view details about the current activity and control the current activity recording (Viewing the Current Activity).


Alerts you to incoming calls, texts, social network updates, and more, based on your smartphone notification settings (Phone Notifications).

Active Weather

Displays the current temperature, temperature forecast, weather forecast, weather radar, cloud cover, and wind conditions (Viewing an Active Weather Forecast).

Waypoint Manager

Displays all waypoints saved to the device (Waypoints).

Connect IQ

Displays a list of installed Connect IQ™ apps (Connect IQ Features).

BirdsEye Direct

Allows you to download BirdsEye Satellite Imagery to your device (BirdsEye Imagery).


Displays a list of downloaded geocaches (Geocaches).

Recorded Activities

Displays your current activity and a list of recorded activities (Recordings).

Active Route

Displays your active route and upcoming waypoints (Routes).

Route Planner

Displays a list of saved routes and allows you to create new routes (Creating a Route).

Saved Tracks

Displays a list of saved tracks (Creating a Track from a Saved Activity).

Sight 'N Go

Allows you to point the device at an object in the distance, and navigate using the object as a reference point (Navigating with Sight 'N Go).

Proximity Alarms

Allows you to set alerts to sound within range of particular locations (Setting a Proximity Alarm).

Share Wirelessly

Allows you to wirelessly transfer files to another compatible device (Sending and Receiving Data Wirelessly).

Profile Change

Allows you to change the device profile to customize your settings and data fields for a particular activity or trip (Selecting a Profile).

Area Calculation

Allows you to calculate the size of an area (Calculating the Size of an Area).


Displays a calendar.

Hunt and Fish

Displays the predicted best dates and times for hunting and fishing at your current location.

Sun and Moon

Displays sunrise and sunset times, along with the moon phase, based on your GPS position.

Photo Viewer

Displays saved photos.

Waypoint Averaging

Allows you to refine a waypoint location for more accuracy (Waypoint Averaging).


Displays a calculator.

Alarm Clock

Sets an audible alarm. If you are not currently using the device, you can set the device to turn on at a specific time.

VIRB Remote

Provides camera controls when you have a VIRB® device paired with your GPSMAP® 66 series device (Using the VIRB Remote).


Allows you to use a timer, mark a lap, and time laps.


Turns on the flashlight (Using the Flashlight).

XERO Locations

Displays laser location information when you have a Xero® bow sight paired with your GPSMAP 66 series device.


Displays your current GPS satellite information (Satellite Page).

Collections Manager

Displays collections synced from your Garmin Explore™ account.

Course Planner

Displays a list of saved courses and allows you to create new courses (Courses).

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August 2023