Requesting an inReach Weather Forecast

For the best results, you should ensure your device has a clear view of the sky when you request an inReach® weather forecast.

Your device can send a message to request a basic, premium, or marine weather forecast using your inReach subscription. You can receive weather forecasts for your current location, a waypoint, GPS coordinates, or a location you choose on the map. Weather forecasts incur data charges or additional charges on your inReach subscription. For more information about the different types of forecasts and the associated costs, go to

  1. Select inReach Weather > New Forecast.
  2. If necessary, select Forecast Type, and select a Basic or Premium weather forecast.
  3. If necessary, select Location, and select a location.

    By default, the device requests weather for your current location.

  4. If necessary, select Marine to request a marine weather forecast.
    NOTE: For best results, you should only request a marine forecast for a location away from shore and over a large body of water. Marine forecasts are not available for land locations or inland lakes.
  5. Select Get Forecast.

The device sends a request for the forecast. It may take several minutes to receive the weather forecast data.

After the device finishes downloading the data, you can view the forecast at any time until all the information in the forecast has expired. You can also update the forecast at any time.

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August 2023