Controlling a VIRB Action Camera During an Activity

Before you can use the VIRB® remote function, you must enable the remote setting on your VIRB camera. See the VIRB Series Owner's Manual for more information. You must also set the VIRB widget to be shown in the widget loop (Customizing the Widget Loop).

  1. Turn on your VIRB camera.
  2. On your fēnix® device, select UP or DOWN from the watch face to view the VIRB widget.
  3. Wait while the device connects to your VIRB camera.

    When the camera is connected, a VIRB data screen is automatically added to the activity apps.

  4. During an activity, select UP or DOWN to view the VIRB data screen.
  5. Hold MENU.
  6. Select VIRB Remote.
  7. Select an option:
    • To control the camera using the activity timer, select Settings > Timer Start/Stop.

      NOTE: Video recording automatically starts and stops when you start and stop an activity.
    • To control the camera using the menu options, select Settings > Manual.

    • To manually record video, select Start Recording.

      The video counter appears on the fēnix screen.

    • To take a photo while recording video, select DOWN.

    • To manually stop recording video, select Stop.

    • To take a photo, select Take Photo.

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