Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable


When replacing the fuse, do not lose any of the small pieces and make sure they are put back in the proper position. The vehicle power cable does not work unless it is assembled correctly.

If your device does not charge in your vehicle, you may need to replace the fuse located at the tip of the vehicle adapter.

  1. Rotate the end piece Call-out number one anti-clockwise to unlock it.

    Exploded view of the power adapter and fuse with callouts
    TIP: You may need to use a coin to remove the end piece.
  2. Remove the end piece, the silver tip Call-out number two, and the fuse Call-out number three.
  3. Insert a new fast-blow fuse that has the same current, such as 1 A or 2 A.
  4. Place the silver tip in the end piece.
  5. Push in the end piece and rotate it clockwise to lock it back into the vehicle power cable Call-out number four.