Downloading BirdsEye Imagery on a Mac Computer

Before you can download and use BirdsEye imagery, your device must have an active subscription or credits.

You can download BirdsEye imagery to your Mac® computer and to a compatible Garmin® device.

  1. Start the BaseCamp™ application, and connect the device to your computer.

    Your device appears in the BaseCamp device list.

    NOTE: Wait until your device is loaded.
  2. Select My Collection or a list to which the downloaded imagery file can be added.
  3. Select BirdsEye > Download BirdsEye Imagery.
  4. From the drop-down list, select your device.
  5. Select Copy imagery to device after download to copy the imagery file to your device immediately after downloading it (optional).
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Select a BirdsEye imagery product.

    If your device has an active subscription for the selected product, a message confirms your subscription.

    If your device does not have a subscription, you can download limited preview imagery for some products. Preview imagery is intended for evaluation purposes only. You can store one preview at a time. The existing preview is overwritten automatically if you download a different preview.

  8. Select an option to define an area on the map for which you need to download imagery:
    • To select a rectangular area, select Select Box, and drag to draw a box on the map.

    • To select a free-form area, select Select Shape, and create the shape on the map.

      You can select points on the map to define the corners of the shape, or you can drag to draw the edges of the shape.

    If the selected product requires credits, the cost in credits for the selected area appears.

  9. From the drop-down list, select an image-quality option (optional).

    An estimated file size appears for the selected image quality. If you are copying the imagery to your device, you should verify your device has enough available storage space for the imagery file. If you have exceeded the available storage space, you can lower the image quality or reduce the size of the area.

  10. Select Confirm.
  11. If the selected product requires credits, enter your Garmin account credentials to confirm spending the credits.
  12. Enter a name for the downloaded imagery file (optional).

The imagery file transfer begins, if enabled.

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