BirdsEye Subscriptions and Credits

Your device must have an active BirdsEye subscription or credits to download and use BirdsEye imagery. To purchase a subscription or credits for BirdsEye products available in your area, go to

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and BirdsEye TOPO Raster products provide unlimited imagery downloads during the subscription term. One subscription is associated with one device. For subscription products, downloaded imagery cannot be transferred to your device after the device subscription expires.

BirdsEye Select Raster products provide credits for limited imagery downloads. Each credit allows you to download one square kilometer of imagery. Imagery downloaded using credits does not expire, and you can transfer it to the device associated with the credits for the life of the device. The quantity of included credits varies by product. All credits must be used within the term specified on the product page. Imagery downloaded using credits is associated with only one device and cannot be restored if deleted from the device and computer.

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