Satellite Settings

You can change the satellite settings to customize the satellite systems used for each activity. For more information about satellite systems, go to

Hold MENU, select Activities & Apps, select an activity, select the activity settings, and select Satellites.

NOTE: This feature is not available for all activities.

Disables satellite systems for the activity.

Use Default

Enables the watch to use the default system setting for satellites (System Settings).

GPS Only

Enables the GPS satellite system.

All Systems

Enables multiple satellite systems. Using multiple satellite systems together offers increased performance in challenging environments and faster position acquisition than using GPS only. However, using multiple systems can reduce battery life more quickly than using GPS only.

All + Multi-Band

Enables multiple satellite systems on multiple frequency bands. Multi-band systems use multiple frequency bands and allow for more consistent track logs, improved positioning, improved multi-path errors, and fewer atmospheric errors when using the watch in challenging environments.

NOTE: Not available for all watch models.
Auto Select

Enables the watch to use SatIQ™ technology to dynamically select the best multi-band system based on your environment. The Auto Select setting offers the best positioning accuracy while still prioritizing battery life.

NOTE: Not available for all watch models.

Records track points and sensor data less frequently. Enabling the UltraTrac feature increases battery life but decreases the quality of recorded activities. You should use the UltraTrac feature for activities that demand longer battery life and for which frequent sensor data updates are less important.

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November 2023