Hole View

The device shows the current hole you are playing, and automatically transitions when you move to a new hole.

Hole view screenshot with callouts

Callout number one

Displays distances to the beginning of the fairway, and the front and back of hazards.

Callout number two

Displays the current hole number.

Callout number three

Displays the par for the current hole.

Callout number four

Displays your recorded score.

Callout number five

Displays the distance from the last ranged location.

Callout number six

Displays a low battery indicator when the battery level is low.

Callout number seven

Displays your phone connectivity status.

Callout number eight

Displays distances to the front, center, and back of the green.

Callout number nine

Displays wind direction and speed.

Callout number ten

Displays your driver distance when you are on the tee box.

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