Select Settings.


Allows you to enable Bluetooth® technology or pair your smartphone with your rangefinder (Pairing Your Smartphone).

Tournament Mode

Disables the PinPointer and PlaysLike distance features. These features are not allowed during sanctioned tournaments (Enabling Tournament Mode).

Stat Tracking

Allows you to enable statistics tracking on the device (Enabling Statistics Tracking).

Auto Measure Shots

Allows you to enable automatic shot measurements based on your last ranged location.

Laser Distance Precision

Allows you to set the number format for ranged values.

Driver Distance

Sets the average distance the ball travels on your drive. This distance appears as an arc on the hole view screen when you are on the tee box.

Compass Calibration

Allows you to manually calibrate the compass sensor (Calibrating the Compass).


Allows you to set your gender. This is used for gender-specific course ratings for select tees when calculating handicaps, and for gender-specific par values (where available).


Sets system settings, such as the text language on the device, the units of measure, and time format (System Settings).


Displays device information, such as the unit ID, software version, regulatory information, and license agreement (Viewing E-label Regulatory and Compliance Information).

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