Measuring the Distance to the Pin

You can use the flag finder feature to target the flag and measure the distance from your current position to the pin. This feature helps get an accurate distance to the pin by filtering out other objects in the background.

  1. Start playing a round of golf.
  2. Align the rangefinder reticle with the flag.
    NOTE: For best results, you should hold the device steady, and align the reticle with the flag instead of the pin.
  3. Press Enter button.

    The measured range to the pin appears. A red arc appears on the map at the laser-ranged distance. If the device is able to target the flag, the device vibrates, a flag icon appears, the distance arc is yellow, and the hole view map automatically transitions to a close up of the green.

    TIP: You can return to the hole view by pointing the device away from the green and pressing Enter button.
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