Getting Started


See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other important information.


Use of OnDeck™ services is subject to the Service Terms for Garmin® OnDeck Service Plans (


You must subscribe to a service plan from Garmin to use OnDeck services with Garmin OnDeck products. Each OnDeck product requires its own service plan.

NOTE: Before proceeding, the GTB 10 hub must be wired according to the Installation Instructions and connected to an external power source.
  1. Turn on the Boat-in-Use input or Shore Power sensor.
    NOTE: If you do not turn on the Boat-in-Use input or Shore Power sensor, after you activate the subscription, the OnDeck system enters standby mode and prevents configuration.

    For information on connecting the Boat-in-Use input or Shore Power sensor, see the Installation Instructions at

  2. Connect to the OnDeck system Wi‑Fi® network (Connecting to the OnDeck Wi‑Fi Network).
  3. Download and install the ActiveCaptain® app, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the system (Setting Up the OnDeck System in the ActiveCaptain App).
  4. Activate the subscription to cellular service (Activating the Cellular Subscription).
  5. Configure the switches (Switch Configuration ).
  6. Enter your owner contact information (Adding Your Contact Information).
  7. Add contacts (Adding Contacts).
  8. Set up alarms (Setting up Alarms for Sensors).
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