Activities and App Settings

These settings allow you to customize each preloaded activity app based on your needs.‍ For example, you can customize data screens and enable alerts and training features.‍ Not all settings are available for all activity types.

Hold Letter B symbol, select Settings symbol > Activities & Apps, select an activity, and select the activity settings.

Accent Color

Sets the accent color of each activity to help identify which activity is active.


Sets the training alerts for the activity (Alerts).

Auto Lap

Sets the options for the Auto Lap® feature (Auto Lap).

Auto Pause

Sets the device to stop recording data when you stop moving or when you drop below a specified speed (Using Auto Pause).

Auto Run

Enables the device to detect ski runs automatically using the built-in accelerometer.

Auto Scroll

Enables you to move through all of the activity data screens automatically while the timer is running (Using Auto Scroll).

Auto Set

Enables the device to start and stop exercise sets automatically during a strength training activity.

Club Prompt

Displays a prompt that enables you to enter which golf club you used after each detected shot.

Data Screens

Enables you to customize data screens and add new data screens for the activity (Customizing the Data Screens).

Driver Distance

Sets the average distance the golf ball travels on your drive.

Edit Weight

Allows you to add the weight used for an exercise set during a strength training or cardio activity.

Enable Videos

Enables instructive workout animations for a strength, cardio, yoga, or Pilates activity. Animations are available for pre-installed workouts and workouts downloaded from Garmin Connect™.


Sets the mode for the GPS antenna (Changing the GPS Setting).

Pool Size

Sets the pool length for pool swimming.

Scoring Method

Sets the scoring method to stroke play or Stableford scoring while playing golf.

Stat Tracking

Enables statistics tracking while playing golf.


Enables or disables scorekeeping automatically when you start a round of golf. The Always Ask option prompts you when you begin a round.

Tournament Mode

Disables features that are not allowed during sanctioned tournaments.

Vibration Alerts

Enables alerts that notify you to inhale or exhale during a breathwork activity.

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