Status Icons

Icons appear on the LCD screen to indicate connection status and to indicate which metric is displayed on the screen. Flashing wireless signal icons indicate the device is searching for a signal. A solid icon means the device is connected using the corresponding wireless technology.

Wireless symbol Disconnected symbol

Wi‑Fi® signal status

Bluetooth technology symbol

Bluetooth® wireless signal status

ANT technology symbol

ANT® wireless signal status

Body mass index symbol

Body mass index

Body fat percentage symbol

Body fat percentage

Water percentage symbol

Body water percentage

Muscle mass symbol

Skeletal muscle mass

Bone mass symbol

Bone mass

Battery symbol

Low battery

Guest user symbol

Guest user

Setup symbol

Setup mode

Software update symbol

A software update or software maintenance connection status

Upload symbol Checkmark symbol

Data upload or software update was successful

Upload symbol Error symbol

Data upload or software update was unsuccessful

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