Updating Charts with ActiveCaptain

NOTE: Before you can update your charts, you must register them (Getting Started with the ActiveCaptain App).

You can use the ActiveCaptain® app to download and transfer the latest chart updates for your device. To shorten download time and conserve storage space, you can download only the areas of the chart you need.

After you download a chart or area for the first time, updates are automatic each time you open ActiveCaptain.

If you are downloading an entire chart, you can use the Garmin Express™ app to download the map onto a memory card (Updating Your Charts Using the Garmin Express App). The Garmin Express app downloads large charts more quickly than the ActiveCaptain app.


Chart updates may require the app to download large files. Regular data limits or charges from your internet service provider apply. Contact your internet service provider for more information about data limits or charges.

  1. When you have internet access on your mobile device, select Chart > Menu button > Download Charts.
  2. Select the area to download.
  3. Select Download.
  4. If necessary, select the map to update.

    The ActiveCaptain app downloads the update to the mobile device. When you reconnect the app to the ECHOMAP™ UHD2 device, the update is transferred to that device. After the transfer is complete, the updated charts are available for use.

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March 2024