Updating Your Charts Using the Garmin Express App

As of software version 34.00, this device supports up to a 1 TB microSD® memory card, formatted to exFAT with speed class 10 or higher.

Downloading the chart update may take up to a few hours.

You should use a blank memory card for chart updates. The update process erases the content on the card and reformats the card.

  1. Install the Garmin Express™ app on your computer (Installing the Garmin Express App on a Computer).
  2. Open the Garmin Express app on your computer.
  3. Select your vessel and device.
  4. If chart updates are available, select Chart Updates > Continue.
  5. Read and agree to the terms.
  6. Insert your chartplotter chart memory card into the computer.
  7. Select the drive for the memory card.
  8. Review the reformat warning, and select OK.
  9. Wait while the chart update is copied to the memory card.
    NOTE: Copying the update file onto the card may take from a few minutes up to a few hours.
  10. Close the Garmin Express app.
  11. Eject the memory card from the computer.
  12. Turn on the chartplotter.
  13. After the home screen appears, insert the memory card into the card slot.
    NOTE: In order for the update instructions to appear, the device must be fully booted before the card is inserted.
  14. Select Update Software > Yes.
  15. Wait several minutes while the update process completes.
  16. When prompted, leave the memory card in place, and restart the chartplotter.
  17. Remove the memory card.
    NOTE: If the memory card is removed before the device restarts fully, the update is not complete.
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March 2024