Fitting the Collar on Your Dog


To prevent irritation from the contact points, remove the collar for at least eight hours out of every 24-hour period.


This device is not intended for human use. Do not attempt to use on any person.


Do not spray the device or collar with harsh chemicals including but not limited to flea or tick spray. Always ensure that any flea or tick spray that is applied to the dog is completely dry before placing the collar on the dog. Small amounts of harsh chemicals can damage the plastic components and collar laminate.

In order to effectively train the dog, the collar and device must fit the dog properly. If the collar is too loose or positioned incorrectly, stimulation may be inconsistent. This can delay or prevent successful training.

  1. Position the device at the front of the dog's neck, with the status LED facing toward the dog's chin and the contact points against the throat.
  2. Tighten the strap so that it is very snug around the dog's neck, and fasten the buckle.
    NOTE: The collar should fit tightly and should not be able to rotate or slide on the dog's neck. The dog must be able to swallow food and water normally. You should observe your dog's behavior to verify that the collar is not too tight.

    Dog wearing the dog collar device
  3. Wiggle the device to work the contact points through the dog's coat.
    NOTE: The contact points must have contact with the dog's skin to be effective.
  4. If the strap is too long, cut off the excess, leaving at least 8 cm (3 in.) to spare.
    TIP: You can mark the hole used to fasten the buckle for future reference.
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