Methods to Add a Dog Collar Device to a Handheld Device

You must add the dog collar device to the handheld device. You can add up to 20 devices to one handheld device by using MURS/VHF, entering the track and control codes, or by sharing wirelessly using ANT‍+® technology. Up to 20 devices can be active at one time.


Allows you to add a dog collar device after you have placed the dog collar device into pairing mode by pressing the power key.

This method is helpful when you are adding a new accessory collar to the system prior to leaving for the hunt (Adding a Dog or Contact Using Wireless Pairing).

Entering the track and control codes

Allows you to add a dog collar device that you do not own and that is not in the area. The dog's owner must determine if you can only track the dog or can track and control the dog. This method requires the dog's owner to find and communicate the codes to the person adding the dog collar device.

This method is helpful when you would like to add a dog collar device during a hunt, but you are not near the dog. For example, you are adding another member of your hunting party's dog collar device to your handheld device, but you do not own the dog collar device (Adding a Dog Using the Track and Control Codes).

NOTE: This feature varies based on dog collar device type and feature availability in your area. You may see track codes only or track and control codes.
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